Pro Gaming Equipment

In order to be at the top of the game you have to have the right equipment.

Be it FPS’s(CS,COD) or MMORPGS(WAR,WoW,AOC,L2) or RTS(SC,C&C,DOW) you can gain an edge by having the right hardware.

In most games every split second counts. Every twitch of the wrist every blink of an eye can make the difference between them getting you first or you getting them.

Having a fast responding mouse with super high res to be able to target the head in an instant. Vs a old school mouse where you have to move your entire arm to get across the screen. Makes a big difference.

Same with using a Nostromo N52 vs a regular keyboard in an mmorpg. With the nostromo all you need is your thumb to walk in any direction so you have 4 fingers for all your skills and your entire right hand for quick targeting and turning and other mouse bound skills. Vs a regular guy using 3 fingers just to turn and walk and then using the mouse to click skills AND to look around which makes him 2 – 3 times slower and pretty much guarantees a loss vs some one with the N52 set up.

Ive put together a list of reviews for the best pro gamer items in each category.

You can find them on the left side here in the Navigation

Most of it is made by razer. They’ve really come through on the gaming front and produced some quality professional gaming gear.

Ive also added some of Logitech’s Equipment they have come along way and added some quality Gear.

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